This ski resort in Montana can be all yours for $2.95M

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Have you ever wanted to be the marshall of your own mountain? Well, then Marshall Mountain seems like the deal for you. $2,950,000 will land you 156 acres, a handful of ski lifts, and a nicely renovated lodge by the looks of the pictures listed on the Century 21 Big Sky real estate site.

ski resort in montana montana skiing

Over 1,900 feet of vertical could be all yours if you got the dough. Photo: Courtesy of Century 21

Located right outside of downtown Missoula, Montana, the resort has been closed to snowboarding and skiing since 2003 but boasts an impressive 1,936 feet of vertical descent. Technically, it is not the peak of Marshall Mountain, but rather a bowl closer to town in the Rattlesnake Mountains.

The resort was used to train World Cup racers in the past but currently seems to be used as a wedding and class reunion banquet hall. While partying with old pals can get pretty gnarly, we in the TransWorld office would like it to return to its former glory. The resort has a history of night skiing dating back to 1957 and kerosene flames for goodness sake.

ski resort in montana montana skiing

What would a ski lodge be without a pool table and a bar? Photo: Courtesy of Century 21

With a peak topping out around 6,000 feet elevation, the once functioning resort supposedly hosted a halfpipe back in the day somewhere on its trails in the Lolo National Forest. With a snowmaking setup coming with the price, global warming can't even stop you from chasing the dream of owning your own resort. Just to recap, $2,950,000 is only five easy payments of $590,000. What are you waiting for?

ski resort in montana montana skiing

Sure, it hasn’t been operational since 2003, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring it back to life. Photo: Courtesy of Century 21

So far, we have reported three resorts for sale this offseason. Our only ask is if you end up buying it after reading this article, please send season passes to our office. What? It is worth a try.

Additional information can be found on the real estate listing.


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