20 things you don’t know about me: June Bhongjan

What do you get when you mix one part art fanatic, one part serious ripper, and one part filmer with a vision? Well, you’d get a lot of things, which is what June Bhongjan encompasses along with what her company Peepshow Films is solidly based upon.

In our latest 20 Things You Don’t Know About Me, we get more details on the little things that make June tick and what drives her passion for snowboarding and for filming. After starting Peepshow with Esthera Preda – the all-lady snowboard crew has rightfully earned a name for themselves, and with plenty of style and creativity to go with it. Consistently providing a unique glimpse into what female snowboarding is really about with each new project, the snowboard world could only use more of what they are doing.

After releasing the latest teaser for their 2010-11 film, “Winter Wars“, we can only expect another wildly awesome film that showcases a group of talented, raw, fearless, and bad ass chicks. Find out a few more interesting things about June Bhongjan and stay tuned for the drop of their video.

1. I get a weird feeling every time I see a car accident on the road or in movies.

2. My first video part was for a Big Bear video called “Sunday in the Park” in 2005, I had some shots in the girl’s montage section.

3. I’ve never been to Indonesia or Japan, they’re on my list of places to get to.

4. Between hiking in the backcountry and a street jib session, I’d pick street.

5. My favorite part of being in the Peepshow crew is laughing at the crazy shit that’s happened. It’s always the worst case scenario.

6. My must-haves on a road trip are my Polaroid Land Camera, my twin lens camera, and film.

7. I’m a pescetarian.

8. My favorite piece of clothing is my “I heart Quebec” shirt that Esthera gave me.

9. I first started filming for a local Tahoe video called “Shot in the Dark.”

10. The scariest moment I’ve had while riding was this dirt ride in Big Bear. I caught my edge and tumbled down, smashing my face against a rock. The next day, it looked like I got beat by my boyfriend or something.

11. My favorite band at the moment is Best Coast. I’m liking a lot of lo fi bands right now.

12. If I weren’t snowboarding and filming I’d probably be doing something that involves design, art, or fashion. I’m a very visual person.

13. When it comes to songs in our videos we take suggestions from the riders and friends, but in the end Esthera and I choose what fits best with the shots we have

14. My favorite kind of camera is my 1940’s Circo-flex twin lens photo camera. It’s relatively inexpensive, but produces good quality photos. I love shooting with it because it’s always a surprise when you pick up the developed negatives! For shooting video, I use a 60D because it’s convenient, light, and has many lens options.

15. My favorite type of food is my mom’s Thai Food.

16. The websites I most often check are Peepshow Films, Bataleon, The Selby, fffound, Otter Milk, LastFM

17. The local thrift stores are the best part about where I grew up.

18. My top 3 movie are Blue Velvet, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Let the Right One In.

19. Once in a while I let myself splurge on sushi and my favorite restaurant is Pearl Dragon in Pacific Palisades . It’s a sushi bar, but they serve creative American Fusion sushi. I’m not talking about a bunch of fried rolls, but more mango or strawberry pair with sashimi. I’m also in love with Sun Power Cafe in Hollywood, which has amazing raw vegan deserts.

20. A quote I live by, “It’s okay to let yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back.” – Mick Jagger

All photos courtesy of June Bhongjan