20 Things you don’t know about me: Scotty Lago

Pro skiers and snowboarders are interesting creatures. They spend their days traveling the world, searching for pow and stomping insane tricks. Aside from being amazing athletes, we wanted to get inside their heads and see what they are really like.

20 Things You Don’t Know About Me gets personal with pros by letting them reveal intriguing factoids about themselves. In our first installment, Scotty Lago dishes on everything from fears, foods, and favorites.

So what you didn’t know about Scotty Lago– Now you know.

1. I have a fear of 2012… I don’t want to be stuck overseas at some signing, I want to be with my family.

2. I used to work construction with my dad, paving, selling firewood and any other random tasks he made me do, I used to love it.

3. When I had my mouth wired shut, I mostly ate blended up SpaghettiO’s.

4. I like a lot of asian food. My favorite sushi is uni (sea urchin). I also like pickled eggs, they make my farts smell though.

5. I really like to chill and focus before contests, either that or hang with the Frends crew.

6. I hunt whenever I can and whenever the season is open. I just got into coyote hunting which is open year round. Duck hunting, deer hunting, inland bird hunting- I really hunt anything that’s legal. Sorry PETA. I’m from New Hampshire, I’m a hunter, and I’m proud of it.

7. I believe in karma. I think that karma is God’s justice.

8. I have an alligator named Tebo, 9 happy chickens (RIP the 3 that got eaten by foxes) and I raised 2 pigs named Charlie and Larry. I’m eating them now though…..deliciousssssss!

9. The Frends are pretty transparent, what you see is the truth!

10. When traveling there are a few things that I can’t travel without- nowadays it feels like it’s my girlfriend, and as far as objects it’s my iPhone.

11. I check Frendsvision.com all the time- it’s my favorite site.

12. Once when I was in Chile, I ate cow intestines- They were strange to eat.

13. My favorite trick to pull in contests or while filming is a switch double rodeo.

14. I don’t really cook. I’m working on it though. One time I put so much pepper on something I was cooking and people were choking so much that the whole house had to evacuate.

15. I’ve broken over 21 bones, but the collarbone, jaw and sternum are about tied for being the worst.

16. If I wasn’t a pro snowboarder, I haven’t the foggiest idea about what I’d be doing. Snowboarding is my life, couldn’t picture my life without it.

17. I’m into country now a days…..I know, weird, but Josh Turner rips it.

18. When I was in school, my favorite class was history.

19. My favorite memory at the Olympics was seeing my family right after winning bronze.

20. I would rather be called Scottyyyyyyyyy than Scott.

Scotty is currently filming in Aspen with Brain Farm Cinemas for their upcoming film, The Art of Flight.

Check out the teaser here.

All photos courtesy of Scotty Lago. You can LIKE him here.