20 things you don’t know about me: Tim Humphreys

Tim Humphreys is high on life and has every right to be. Three years after FLOW turned his dream of riding pro into a reality, the New Jersey bred, backcountry loving, undercover computer nerd (we mean this in the best way possible) is traveling the world, nailing video parts, and getting more stoked on riding after every turn.

That being said, are you really surprised we went to Tim for our latest 20 things you don’t know about me feature? Probably not. If you are, you’re obviously on a different page.

This kid isn’t getting sucked into the politics or bullshit of the sport – he wants to learn new tricks, spend hours upon hours filming in the backcountry, keep things real, listen to Biggie, and be surrounded by good people.

Get to know the big personality behind this shredder and be ready for big, big things to come. Oh, and if you’re having computer problems, he’s your guy.

1. I think spiders are kinda scary. I just moved to California, and I guess they have Black Widows. I’m going to have to be on my guard.

2. I have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve…Some may say I can build a better computer then your honor student; that I can double-clutch and not granny shift just like Vin Diesel; and I have a cutback that rivals one, Shelly Slater’s.

3. Places I stupidly haven’t gone yet: Whistler, Mt. Baker, and explore Central & South America a little bit more.

4. I like stomping something new that I’ve never done before. That always feels the best.

5. My favorite things about New Jersey: Pizza being number one by a mile of course. Umm… Jersey Shore, Jersey Fresh Tomatoes (one of many factors pertaining to NJ’s pizza being a billion times better than everywhere else’s. New York knows what’s up too though), the game Monopoly, the insane road system which makes zero sense and is not marked very well but is still fun anyways, and finally, they have 93 octane gas which you don’t even have to (read: not allowed to, mandated by law of course) pump it yourself.

6. I don’t use pick up lines on chicks. I just look at ’em once and that’s all it takes before I can’t get ’em off me.

7. I try not to eat fast food as much as I can.

8. BUT I have a soft spot for In N’ Out and I can rationalize it because they use real, fresh meat, and your fries were a whole normal potato just minutes before they cut them, fry them, and you eat them. It’s fast food the way it was meant to be.

9. My favorite thing to wear is my very own pro model jacket made by Sessions (shameless self promotion alert) ..pssst it has satin inside. BUY ME!!!

10. I can’t sum up my life in just one quote but if I did it would definitely be something you would only hear if you were hanging out with Biggie and Bob Marley at the same time.

11. The scariest moment I’ve had while riding was watching this whole face some friends and myself had been riding quite a bit all avalanche down. It was a really thick slab, probably five feet deep. Luckily it broke while none of us were riding it. It’s just crazy knowing that even if you’ve ridden over something ten times, it could still pop.

12. Some of my favorite music artists: Biggie, Pink Floyd, Deadmau5, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix… It’s all good.

13. If I wasn’t a pro snowboarder I’d probably be fat and sitting behind a computer. But outdoor activities beat everything.

14. One of the best moments I’ve had while riding with FLOW was when a few of us pooled together 60 bucks for Nial [Romanek] to hit this cliff drop out in the backcountry…naked. It was too awesome. He tumbled down the whole landing.

15. In a choice between park laps, backcountry, and a street rail mission I’d choose backcountry all day. Oh, the hang time you can get out there. It’s insane!

16. My favorite type of food is Thai or Sushi for sure.

17. I really look up to Terje. Who doesn’t look up to Terje?! I bet Shaun White has a Terje action figure in his toy chest.

18. My top three movies of all time are Superbad, Pineapple Express, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

19. My favorite mountain is Mammoth cause you can’t beat spring shredding loooong after everywhere else is closed .

20. The next three things on my “life” to-do list are: I just checked one of them off… Pointing it west and never looking back. Number two is to put my new GoPro video online. It’s almost done! The first video I made was received really well, so I made sure to put some extra time into my new video. And number three is Go Snowboarding. Perfect, I’m going to Hood tomorrow.

And that’s all he wrote kids. Like we said, high on life and ready to shred. Thanks Tim for highly entertaining us and to FLOW for reminding him to do so. Keep an eye out for him in FLOW’s 2011-12 team video releasing this Fall.

Photos: (top) courtesy of Terren Gomez, (middle) Huggy, (bottom) FLOW.com