Aaron Robinson at Superpark 15

Aaron Robinson’s drive and passion live on through the awesome edits his friends and family have made for him since his untimely death this summer. The most recent edit of Aaron is a ride-along section with him at Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark 15 at Mt. Bachelor in Oregon. Ride the chair and take a couple laps with ARob as he breaks down his view on Superpark and what his intentions are for the week.

“I’m just here to bro-down and hit some side-hits” -Aaron was always down for a good time and just wanted to snowboard for the fun of it.

Ride along with Aaron Robinson during Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark 15 at Mt Bachelor. It was great shredding with the homies for good times, and I was fortunate enough to film a few runs with Aaron. â¨RIP A-ROB (1986-2011)