Agitated moose targets snowboarders at Jackson Hole; video

Snowboarder Scott Askins was filming his buddy completing a frontside boardslide at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Despite the successful trick, it soon became obvious a nearby moose didn't care for it.

Or as Askins put it on Instagram, "Moose no like front boards."

Once the friend passed by, the moose gave chase as the two snowboarded down the slope. Askins managed to capture footage:

A video posted by Scott Askins (@scottafoto) on

"Oh my God, that's terrifying!" one commenter on Instagram wrote. "I can't believe you still managed to get footage. You're a pro!"

"Good thing he didn't fall," another commenter wrote.

Indeed, a closer encounter with the moose was very much unwanted, that's for sure. More people in the Americas are injured by moose than any other wild mammal.

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Moose are said to be nonaggressive towards humans unless provoked and apparently this one was provoked.

Yeah, good thing neither fell.

The incident occurred last week well before the massive power outage that shut down the resort Wednesday. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort reported on Facebook that the earliest the resort could reopen was Monday February 13.

Hopefully without any wild moose on the loose.

h/t My Country 95.5