Anders Jacobsen provides surreal perspective of 130-meter ski jump

Anders Jacobsen has never made ski jumping 130 meters, or more than 425 feet, look so simple, or in this case perhaps even somewhat comical. The accompanying footage, uploaded by the famous Norwegian jumper, provides what might be the most unique perspective of distance jumping to date, thanks to a mounted camera attached to an extension leading outward from his helmet, aimed toward his face. If this doesn’t get you ready for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, what will?

The footage was captured at Holmenkollen National Ski Arena, which is Norway’s most popular tourist attraction and host of World Cup Nordic skiing competitions each winter. Jacobsen, 27, is an Olympic bronze medalist (Team large hill, 2010), and has claimed multiple World Cup triumphs. The Sochi Olympics begin next Feb. 7.