Big-mountain snowboarder Lucas Debari discusses ‘Point Break’

The remake of Point Break has viewer and box-office expectations at an all time high in part, because of the film’s next-level footage that captures stunts intended only for the few in the world who can actually pull them off -- athletes.

Pro-snowboarders Lucas Debari, Xaiver De le Rue, Mike Basich, Ralph Backstrom and Mitch Toelderer all appear as body-doubles for the main character, Johnny Utah during his big-mountain snowboarding sequences.

TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING recently connected with Debari to discuss his involvement with the film:

What was the overall experience like?
Well, it was unlike any other snowboard trip I have ever been on. Our "help" budget was larger than most snowboard companies net incomes. I got to ride pow for one month with Ralph Backstrom, Mike Basich and Mitch Toelderer. Once we figured out how to manage dealing with the production crew, it was just like being on a five-star vacation with your good homies.

What are you most looking forward to seeing with this updated version of the film?
A great laugh at a unique experience in my life. Working on the Point Break movie was one of those "out there" experiences that I feel so lucky to have been able to enjoy. In that month of filming, Ralph and I gained a solid twenty pounds a piece from 5-Star dinners and only riding out of helis.

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