Camp Of Champions Summer 2010 Recap

A summer recap already? Shit, August really creeped up on us. This recap will do what most summer snowboard camp recaps usually do…make you jealous and that more impatient for winter.

A recap of (mostly) leftover shots from the Camp of Champions glacier this summer.

Featuring Jonas Carlson, Alex Stathis, Alex Beebe, Brody Pigeau, Jake Fine, Jody Wachniak, Matt Belzile, Derek Dennison, Jake Kuzyk, Colin D. Watt, Zach Aller, Jordan Phillips, Dominik Wagner, Cornell Agee Jr., Josh Blasman, Alex Cantin, Rupert Davies, Jake Olsen-Elm, Will Lavigne, Jess Kimura, Darrah Reid-McLean, David Hull, Jon Versteeg, Dan Brisse, Max Honegger and Marc Swoboda.

All shots filmed with a Cannon Rebel T2I.

Filmed/Edited by Cole Taylor.