Coaches Corner: SGT’s Garrett Russell

Garrett Russell is a force to be reckoned with. His positive personality is palpable when he’s strapped into his skis, crushing backcountry lines and even when he’s just hanging out enjoying life’s intricacies.

Garrett has been attending summer shred camps since he was 14, and will coach at SASS Global Travel’s camp in Bariloche, Argentina for the eighth year this summer.

Given his lengthy history in the summer shred scene, we hit up Garrett for his insight into camp life for the latest edition of Coaches Corner.

What should a camper expect to experience on a typical day of Summer Shred Camp?
I like to emphasize little or no expectations, just an open mind. Thus, when it’s good, it’s really good and if the weather is poor, you’re still stoked because you’re out riding. Depending on who you are, expect to do something or see something you’ve never seen. It’s always fun.

What advice would you give to someone who hasn’t been to a summer ski or snowboard camp before?
My advice is to forget about who you are or think you are and become what you want to be. Away from your old friends and family you can create whoever you want to be. Just be respectful and have goals and ideas. Then just have fun.

How do summer camps help with progression?
It is an experience. The drive to fly across the world, just to shred or put all your savings into your shredding is already progression in itself. I like to think of it like, every time you put your boots on, and get out to the slopes, if you are aware and determined to improve, you will. It all just takes practice and lots of it.

What was your highlight from last year at camp?
My highlight from last year was getting back on snow with the feeling of a more solid knee and then of course hearing campers say that was the best run of their lives. I only hear that like 20 times a session or so.

Any new additions to camp life this year at SGT?
It’s just baller living up at the resort, not having to take a bus or charter to the mountain. Plus having a heated pool is like heaven… It’s too good for the livelihood of a ski bum like me, but not really.

Check out the Garrett Russell Experience in action in Argentina.
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Argentine Love 2011 from Garrett Russell on Vimeo.

Want to hang with Garrett this summer in Argentina? Head to SASS Global Travel to get your spot dialed.