Desiree Melancon Joins Bonfire

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After a long run with Holden Outerwear, Desiree Melancon, shaved head and all, joins up with Bonfire Outerwear. We all know this lady gets after it and in all honesty, shreds like a dude, in the best sense of the phrase. Melancon has been riding for Salomon Snowboards for quite a while now and it seems it was only a matter of time until the Bonfire team manager decided to shwoop her up.

Des getting nasty Photo: Courtesy of, Espen Lystad

Here is the low down from

3-30-2010: “Bonfire Snowboarding is proud to announce the addition of Desiree Melancon to the team. Desiree brings a unique blend of style and bravado to an already heavy roster.

Bonfire team manager Java Fernandez says, “Des is a one of a kind and has an infectious style about her. I’m looking forward to seeing her influence in the outerwear and clothes especially. She’s filming a full part with the Peep Show girls this season and I can’t wait to see that. That movie’s gonna be cool.”

“The team is sick. Some of my favorite snowboarders are on Bonfire so it makes me feel good to be a part of it. It’s also cool to work with the designers Shawn and Kate on stuff that I’m really psyched on. I love that the pants fit me nice and that the jackets are long and super waterproof.” Says Desiree.”

I’m pretty positive a ton of people are excited to see what this chick does next. Congrats on the new sponsorship Desiree.