Early season shred showdown: Who got it best?

The weather this time of year can be such a tease. Flakes are starting to fly, but we’re still waiting for that first big dump. Resorts are starting to open, but with only one run. Shreds everywhere are anxiously watching the weather, and are more than ready to get this season started right.

Though the current conditions in most places are less than ideal, crews across the country are still getting super stoked. Early season shred edits are popping up left and right with shredders getting after it despite minimal snowfall.

Recently, FODT and Snowboarder Magazine headed up to Guardsman Pass and rallied a rail garden in the woods as soon as snow started to spit.

Over in Tahoe, bHappy Productions scooted up to Mt. Rose in the Sierra Nevada’s and sessioned the shiz out of a down barrel set upon on a mound of dirty snow.

Both crews slayed as hard as they could despite the early season conditions, and we want to know- Who got it best?

bHappy Production’s at Mt Rose

FODT/Cole Taylor at Guardsman Pass

Who got it best? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section.