First walking, now snowboarding for 1-year-old

14-month-old snowboarder takes to Utah's ski slopes

Sloan just learned how to walk, so it's only fitting that this 14-month-old is now a snowboarder in #Utah. #skiUtah PHOTOS that will melt your heart and full video:

Posted by KUTV 2News on Friday, January 29, 2016

Sloan Henderson just learned how to walk and as a reward, her parents got her a snowboard.

Yesterday, the 14-month old took to the slopes of Park City, Utah, and the results are adorable.

Her dad Zach said they purchased the smallest snowboard they could find but it still wasn’t small enough for the pint-sized shredder.

They had to customize it so she could fit comfortably on the board.

“Even though it was the smallest snowboard on the market, we still had to make modifications to it so her legs weren’t so far apart,” Henderson told KUTV.

1-year-old snowboarder

“Get psyched Sloanie,” her dad said right before she took a mini-run at Park City Mountain Resort.

While she doesn’t go far, she also doesn’t fall which is pretty impressive considering she just learned to walk.

Give her 12 years and she may be winning gold at the X Games like Kelly Slidaru, who just became the youngest athlete to win the Winter X Games.

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