FrendsVision: Art of Flight Shoot in Aspen

It’s time for another one. The Frends Crew has dropped the latest edition of FrendsVision and it’s one of the funniest to date. In this episode the crew is in Aspen, Colorado filming with Brain Farm Cinemas for the Art of Flight.

This highly anticipated two-year project is the follow up to That’s it, That’s all and it’s supported by Red Bull and Travis Rice.

As far as snowboard films, this production is as mega as it gets and and all the pressure is visibly wearing on the Frends Crew.

Scotty Lago, Danny Davis, Jack and Luke Mitrani all appear to be at their wits end and hilarity ensues as they try to push through the tiring shoot.

From the starting gym scene, to Kevin Pearce’s cameo, and Scotty Lago’s sweet dance moves, you’ll be highly entertained throughout the whole thing.


Bonus Edit:

Who knew Scotty Lago had such a temper? In this extra footage from the Art of Flight shoot in Aspen, Scotty goes crazy on Eric Willett for a minor mistake while salting the jump. It’s all fun and games until someone salts the landing.