Gallery: Day four action at Winter X

The final day of the X Games concluded Sunday in Aspen, Colorado, with some of the most anticipated events: the men’s and women’s ski slopestyle finals, snowmobile best trick, and the snowboard superpipe finals. Here’s a look at some behind-the-scenes moments from the last day of action.

Ayumu Hirano stole show at the superpipe finals with his impressive amplitude and technical tricks. This Japanese rider is only 14 years old and the youngest competitor to ever medal at the X Games. What do you think was going through the pipe prodigy’s mind as he prepared to drop in for his first run?

Photo: @susiefloros Pipe Dreams do come true! #ayumuhirano #xgames2013

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Sal Masekela hosted the X Games for thirteen years, and this was the first year that he wasn’t in front of the camera. As a fan of snowboarding, and an avid snowboarder himself, Masekela made his way to Aspen to check out the contest on his own terms. He’s pictured here, at the bottom of the pipe, incognito, so as not to be called out by ESPN on camera. He disguise worked for a bit, but near the end of the pipe finals, Sal was swarmed by fans seeking autographs. He may not have the mic anymore, but he’s still the man.

Photo: @scottserfas Re-Gram from Sal Masekela. He knows what’s up. @salmass @airholefacemasks #airhole #xgames

Shaun White is known for tossing up his hands at the end of his runs–even if he falls. He gets a lot flack for this from endemic media, but after White stomped his second run in the pipe and took the top score of the night, the media kept quiet.

Photo:@twsnow Shaun White’s second run with a 24 foot backside air first hit and front double twelve last hit. Photo @hamiltonick

At the press conference after Sunday’s pipe finals, Ayumu Hirano said in Japanese that he was honored to be sitting next to Shaun White, and that he was happy he earned silver. He also said, through his translator, that he looks forward to learning English, so he can actually talk to White during contests.

Photo: @roblayer Like A Boss #Ayumu #XGames #Aspen #MyNewHero

Shaun White received a lot a press when he cut his luscious locks. After qualifying second in pipe on Friday night, and only placing fifth in slopestyle on Saturday, rumors ran wild on Twitter that, a la Samson, he may have lost all his snowboarding power. But on Sunday night White showed that he’s still the best pipe rider in the game.

Photo: @susiefloros Congrats to this guy too! @shaunwhite #rocknroll Nice new do! @budkeene144 completing the band. #xgames2013 #6Peat

Eddie Wall is a pro snowboarder who has been coming to the X Games for 10 years. While he doesn’t compete anymore, he’s still winning the party game in a big way. Eddie hung out at the Red Bull party at the Jerome Hotel Sunday night, and took a bunch of “selfie” photos with stars including Sal Masekela, pro skater Paul Rodriguez, and Red Bull riders Louie Vito and Mark McMorris.

Photo: @eddiewall That’s a wrap for 2013 X Games! Last was all time! @salmass @markmcmorris @louievito @prod84 (and shulte’s homie, who I can’t remember name cause I have shit memory)

Pro snowboarder Jamie Anderson is known for loving the Rasta-inspired lifestyle. On Sunday night in Aspen, Jamie was right at home at the Marley House, where Ky-Mani Marley, Bob Marley’s son, played to a packed house. Jamie told us it was one of the most fun nights of her life, and she felt blessed see a Marley in person.

Photo: @jme_anderson Marley love from Aspen…. #blessed #xgames

What did Shaun White do to celebrate his six-peat in superpipe? He got nice and cleaned up, and had a big dinner with his closest friends and family at the Target Chalet. Then he made use of the house’s bowling alley, and got down on the dance floor as DJ Q-Tip spun beats at the intimate party. Pretty much rocked it like the rock star he is.

Photo: @luis_calderin Congrats to @burtonsnowboard rider @shaunwhite gold medal winner of the 2013 #XGames men’s superpipe! 6 in a row! See you at the #BurtonUSOpen

The last night of the X Games is notorious for turning into a cadre of raging parties, with the Target Chalet party being the most exclusive. While cameras aren’t allowed inside the house, Burton photographer Adam Moran pulled out his iPhone just in time to snap this shot of an unnamed reveler about to take the plunge. Jesse White, Shaun’s older brother, was apparently oblivious to the antics around him. We probably shouldn’t disclose what happened after this, but let’s just say it was epic. And with that, another X Games is in the books.

Photo: @adammoran @stevesawesome knows how to party.

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