Gallery: Top moments from X Games day three

As many of you already know, on day three of Winter X Shaun White blew his overly hyped return to slopestyle by falling in all of his runs, and Mark McMorris rose to the occasion and took the win. You may also know Jamie Anderson took first in the women’s slope, but did you know the Tahoe, California, native spent the greater portion of her day hugging a tree on the sidelines of the course to ground herself before the big event? We’re guessing maybe not, so that’s why we’re here–to bring you all the behind-the-scenes moments happening in Aspen, Colorado.

Mark McMorris is a machine. He easily out-rode all the competition in slopestyle, and did so with unique style. What does this Canadian ripper do after his big win? He hangs out at the Frends Crew house and mellows out by playing the guitar.

Photo: @hughgrection So proud of this kid for making history this weekend and for the sickest victory lap ever! Good work ya little two-peater! @markmcmorris #xgames #dmXgames #igotafeelingthattonightsgonnabeagoodnight


Pro snowboarder Mason Aguirre isn’t competing on the course this week at X Games, but he’s still winning on the streets of Aspen. As a Rockstar Energy athlete, he’s flanked by beauties everywhere he goes.

Photo:@luis_calderin Ran into my dude @maseintheplace and some of his #Rockstar #Frends. #Aspen #XGames

British pro snowboarder Aimee Fuller wore a leather jacket while competing in slopestyle as an ode to Shaun White’s style and hoped it would help her earn first. She wasn’t able to land any of her runs but still got extreme with Mr. White.

Photo: @aimee_fuller Runs didn’t go my way. But had a blast at my first Xgames. Working on that @shaun_white skit ! Next time too my feet :)

Bunny fingers? Who tosses up bunny fingers these days? Just Mark McMorris after winning gold in slopestyle. He “photo bombed” the stellar pic of Spencer O’Brien, Sarka Pancochova, and Jamie Anderson after the press conference for slopestyle, where these three athletes got on the podium.

Photo: @snowboardmag These ladies killed it today! @markmcmorris agrees! Congrats @jme_anderson @sarkasnow @spencerobrien #xgames2013

Pro skier Grete Eliassen got up close and personal with pro skier Alex Schlopy at the Oakley Team House, where she snapped this photo of her teammate’s impressive stems. His muscular legs helped him earn seventh place in men’s ski slopestyle finals.

Photo: @gretegirl Muscle Art. #manthighs #biglegsclub #legs @aschlopy #wxgames


Halldor Helgason took a gnarly fall during the snowboard big air finals. He attempted a triple cork and made all the rotations but landed directly on his neck. He was instantly knocked out and carted off to the hospital, where he was treated for a concussion. Never one to let an injury hold him down, Helgason was out of the hospital Sunday and came to the slopestyle course to cheer on his friends in the finals even though he was rocking a neck brace.
Photo: @hamiltonick Stoked to see @hhelgason today