Galloping moose at Breckenridge Ski Resort startles snowboarder; video

A Denver snowboarder captured video of the moment a galloping moose ran past her on the slopes at the Breckenridge Ski Resort Friday morning:

Cheri Luther was snowboarding Friday at Breckenridge with her friend Amy Loofa on the Wirepatch trail on Breckenridge’s Peak 7 when she saw the large animal charging down the mountain and decided to capture the moment.

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“I turned around to make sure [Loofa] was still behind me, but instead I saw a moose trekking down the front side of the mountain,” Luther wrote on Instagram. “Afraid to stop in the middle of an open run while strapped to my snowboard, I thought it best to keep moving and get out of the animal’s way. It was a crazy sight to see and definitely one we won’t forget!”

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Luther wrote that the close call with the moose left her with an adrenaline rush.

She further explained in the comments on her Instagram post that the entire experience was pretty nerve-racking.

“Still have an adrenaline rush,” she wrote. “I just was too scared to slow down while clipped in my board! I wasn’t sure if he was chasing me haha so once I went left and he went straight I slowed down and stopped.”

Though it’s rare to see a moose roaming the trails of a busy ski resort, it’s not unheard of: In February, a moose at the Jackson Hole Ski Resort in Wyoming was caught on video charging a pair of snowboarders.

According to Denver’s CBS Local, Breckenridge police successfully found and tranquilized the moose in question on Sunday and are relocating it.