Go big or go home with SABRE’s new ad campaign

Pretend for a second you didn’t see the photo of Miley Cyrus rocking SABRE’s Encore shades. Also forget the fact that naked boobs make a regular appearance in SABRE advertisements. Black out the list of bad ass riders that make up their team. Or that this growing eye wear brand that was started in 2006 appears to be taking over the world.

Forget all that because they’ve one-upped themselves again. The latest SABRE ad campaign “Free Rider” combines their usual boldness with classic images of their riders alongside good-looking ladies sporting their new style of goggle (The Free Rider). These ads embody all that is SABRE – candid, fearless, unique, interesting, and straight up awesome. It’s apparent that this brand is clearly heading in the right direction in order to make its mark on industries across the board.

VP and Brand Manager, Christopher Friel gives descriptions in a nutshell of their team riders featured in the ad campaign quite accurately. Enjoy his words below.

“The ad with Laura [pictured below] is like reason 972 of why I love her. Seriously, she cannot take a bad photo.”

In regard to Eric Messier, “Eric Messier is like the James Dean of snow surfing. The guy’s so good looking it makes me uncomfortable. I’m serious, I take his good looks as a personal threat to my fragile ego and it just may cost him his spot on the team.” Don’t act like you’re impressed by his mug donning The Madness shades.

“Do you remember the scene in the movie JKF when Kevin Costners’ character (Jim Garrison) is interviewing Joe Pescis character (David Ferries) and Joe’s character says “Oh man, why don’t you fuckin’ stop it? Shit, this is too fuckin’ big for you, you know that? Who did the president, who killed Kennedy, fuck man! It’s a mystery! It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma! The fuckin’ shooters don’t even know! Don’t you get it?” ? That’s Billy Mackey.”

So there you have it. A brief glimpse into the dynamic personalities behind this daring and successful brand. Not only are they attractive, they are bad ass and you are dying to party with them. Kind of like Neil Diamond.

SABRE is pumping out new styles of shades and goggles left and right along with a few main pieces of streetwear that definitely make a statement or two, sometimes offensive and always hilarious…we don’t mind. Keep it up guys.

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