How to build a splitboard with Xavier de Le Rue

In recent years, the interest in splitboarding has risen immensely. A growing desire to tap into fresh lines off piste has propelled this subset of snowboarding.

Skiers figured it out first, and have been zig-zagging their way up mountains with the use of climbing skins for years.

Wanting to get in on the action, but not wanting to stray from their boards, snowboarders concocted the idea of a splitboard. This is one board, cut down the center, creating two planks that can be used as skis to skin up a mountain, but can be easily put back together to shred down.

For years these boards were hard to come by and people tried to make their own, but the construction was poor and they broke often. Now do-it-your-self splitboard kits are popping up everywhere, which provide the necessary parts and directions to create your board.

Backcountry legend and splitboard master Xavier de Le Rue realized the need for a demonstration of transforming a regular board into a splitboard and released the following video. de Le Rue acknowledges that it may be a “scary thing to cut your board” but his step-by-step methods are easy to follow.

Despite resorts closing everywhere, there is still snow to be found and splitboarding offers a unique way to access the goods.

How to built your own splitboard ? – TimeLine bonus 2 from TimeLine on Vimeo.

Check out Xavier and Jeremy Jones using their spliboards as they go deep into the Grand Teton Mountain range to film for their new two year project, Further. This video illustrates the how much heart these pros put into big mountain riding.