Joe Zee learns to ski

Who in the heck is Joe Zee?

For many of us shreds, knowing and caring about Elle Magazine’s top creative director isn’t something that would likely top our radar. But when a video titled “Joe Zee learns to ski” popped up on the web this week, we were intrigued and checked it out.

During the this year’s Sundance Film Fest in Park City, UT, Mr.Joe Zee thought it was finally time to test out his ski skills. He strapped on a Dolce and Gabana silver suit and headed out for his first day on the slopes. Most people’s first day can be a combination of trial and error and it’s often painful to watch.

In the case of Joe Zee, the colorful fashionista, his first day was more awkward and uncomfortable then we could’ve ever imagined. This is a classic case of what not to do on your first day.

Oh and by the way, that suit is definitely not hot.