Ladies can learn to ride like the pros at The 2011 Oakley Progression Sessions

Ready to charge the biggest jump in the park? Tired of feeling scared out of your mind to charge that rail? Finally want to be the one to drop in first and kill the halfpipe? The time has come ladies, The 2011 Oakley Progression Sessions is your freestyle shred haven and the time to register is now.

For women by women, this all-girl 2 day ski and snowboard progression camp is aimed at those riders who want to step it up and lose the training wheels. This isn’t a beginner ski school girls, Head Coach Mary Walsh, and Oakley team riders Gretchen Bleiler and Grete Eliassen will be pushing limits and teaching you the steps to ride like they do – as in…kill it.

Surrounded by girls who are just as passionate about snowboarding and skiing as the next; Oakley is aiming to create a vibe where no one is intimidated and everyone is confident in their riding abilities. Fully equipped with a private park, yoga sessions, video feedback, prize giveaways, and much more, this is something that you can’t miss out on. The first session at Loon Mountain is already SOLD OUT so it’s time to get the ball rollin’ and REGISTER at your preferred mountain!

Riding with the guys is always fun but there’s nothing better than taking over the park with a bunch of your girlfriends and showing them what’s up. The Oakley Progression Sessions is the ideal way to do just that with a coaching staff stock full of top-notch riders like Gretchen Bleiler, Grete Eliassen, Marie-France Roy, Chanelle Sladics, Silvia Mittermuller, Dominique Vallee,and Kristi Leskinen – not a bad group of chicks to be learning to shred from.

Space is limited so head over to to register for your session and get more information. What better time to start pushing your riding than now?

Full camp session schedule below:

March 5/6 – Loon Mtn: Grete Eliassen & Chanelle Sladics, Silvia Mittermuller
March 12/13 – Canyons: Grete Eliassen, Marie-France Roy, Dom Vallee
March 19/20 – Winter Park: Chanelle Sladics & Kristi Leskinen, Marie-France Roy
March 26/27 – Northstar: Gretchen Bleiler & Kristi Leskinen, Silvia Mittermuller, Dom Vallee