Learn the Chicken Salad Grab trick with Tim Eddy

Tricks are an integral part of snowboarding that can elevate your riding style from average Joe to almost pro. There are hundreds of different snowboard tricks that range in difficulty, and each has a unique name and a precise way of executing it.

To help ramp up your riding skills, the team at Network A created the weekly how-to web series called “The Trick.” It’s hosted by funnyman and High Cascade Snowboard Camp founder Preston Strout, who enlists the help of pro shredders to bring to you hilarious and helpful tips.

The first video just dropped with the Chicken Salad Grab explained. Check it out below.

In this first episode, host Preston Strout meets up with pro snowboarder Tim Eddy at High Cascade Snowboard Camp on the slopes of Mount Hood in Oregon. With lunch on their minds, Tim suggests they go for the killer Chicken Salad grab. Watch as these guys run through the four key ingredients to help you whip up your own masterpiece on the slopes. — Network A

Stay tuned for more trick tips airing Fridays on GrindTV and Network A all winter long.