Mimi’s Cookie Bar adds some custom flavor to Mammoth Mountain

As if Mammoth Mountain wasn’t perfect enough, now the small mountain town has added a one-of-a-kind bakery into the mix. Forget casinos, swanky hotels, and overpriced clubs — Mimi’s Cookie Bar just may be the sole power behind turning Mammoth into a destination resort.

Mimi’s Cookie Bar, founded in 2009 by Mimi Kurz and her boyfriend Delaney Council, has opened it’s first location, conveniently for us avid riders, in Mammoth Mountain. This original bakery is based upon organic and natural ingredients, custom cookies, snowboarding, and let’s be honest – a damn talented baker. Initially, the cookie bar was completely web-based and slowly gained more exposure, especially within the snowboarding industry due to Mimi and Delaney’s involvement with the sport. They then began to sponsor a few pro riders and boom, the rage around Mimi’s Cookie Bar spread like wildfire.

It’s very apparent that Mimi puts a great deal of thought, work, and care into her cookies and her business. Thus, the success so far. Her dream became a reality this past year when she opened up the bakery in Mammoth. Pretty ideal for a girl that loves to ride and bake cookies. Mimi spoke with us briefly about this new chapter of the cookie bar, what it all means to her, her favorite cookies, and how she keeps her girlish figure surrounded by all that sugar.

Mammoth’s opening day is this Thursday, November 10 and we don’t think it would be right to go up there without getting yourself some custom cookies. Pay them a visit, your experience up there won’t be the same without a cookie or two.

How did you turn your love for and hobby of baking into a reality and a business?
I started Mimi’s Cookie Bar while still working full time at Roxy. When the website launched, I would bake orders after work and on weekends. I also got orders from friends I knew at work. I did this for over a year, worked full time and baked on the side. It was a lot of work, and it still is now with owning the bakery and still operating the online business. But, I made it happen. So I guess it takes persistence and passion for what you love.

Cookies and snowboarding are a pretty ideal combo. How did you tie in the snowboarding industry with Mimi’s Cookie Bar and why was that important to you?
They are a good combo! Before I started Mimi’s Cookie Bar, I used to compete in snowboarding and after that I worked at Roxy. So I have always been a part of the industry, and that is what I know. When I decided to start a cookie company, I knew nothing about the food industry really, well except how to make delicious cookies haha. To leave the industry I loved for an industry I didn’t know too much about was a little intimidating. So, I thought why not sponsor my friends that I grew up snowboarding with? It would keep me in both industries and the team cookies would give people inspiration to create cookies of their own. It also keeps me tied to the people and the sport I still love.

Tell us about the featured ingredients that you have every day and how you pick those.
We use only the best ingredients. Sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what I want, because I am very picky. We use only organic and natural ingredients, so that limits us sometimes as far as choices, but I search and search and don’t stop until I find what I’m looking for. Currently I’m on a quest for new peanut butter and it’s been daunting… but I know I’ll find something amazing soon. I never settle for anything less than the best.

You’ve just made the move to Mammoth and opened up the first Mimi’s Cookie Bar location – what prompted this move and how does it feel having your own shop?
My boyfriend and co-owner, Delaney, got a job in marketing at Mammoth Mtn, so that’s what prompted the move. But it was just the perfect time and place to open up shop. And it feels amazing to have my own shop. Sometimes it doesn’t really sink in because I’m so busy working lately. But when I take a step back and really think about it, its awesome. I love being my own boss.

Do you ever make Delaney bake? What about at home?

Haha, I have made Delaney bake in the past. He’s not bad, but he’s not me either. I do this every day though, so I gotta give him credit when he helps. I’m really strict on presentation and if the cookies are not balled correctly that’s the biggest offense. At home, Delaney does all our cooking. I’m just a deserts baker, not a cook.

On any given day…if you had to choose, would you want to shred all day or bake?
That’s a hard question. I love both baking and riding. But, baking kinda seems like work now, so shredding would be a real day off.

Top three favorite cookies.
So so hard, I have like top 10 haha but I’m giving you five.
1. Yia-Yia Cookie (you can only get this cookie in the shop! They are too breakable to ship)
2. Dad’s Coconut Chocolate Chip
3. JP Best Friend Ever
4. Chubby Dougie
5. Chocolate Donut Cookie (new cookie, will be online soon!)

Do you ever get sick of eating cookies? And how do you keep your slim figure being surrounded by sugar all day…?

Yes, sometimes I get sick of cookies. But if I am sick of cookies, I just eat our organic frozen yogurt, not a bad trade off haha. I am a runner, so I run 2-3 miles every single day and do pilates 2 times a week. I also eat sweets in moderation, I’m pretty dedicated to that – maximum of 2 cookies a day or 1 frozen yogurt a day. If I didn’t work out, I don’t want to think of what I’d look like haha

What are your goals/hopes for the Cookie Bar in the future? More locations or just one local shop?
This is undecided yet. But, if we are to open more locations in the future, they will operated by one of the 5 owners now, myself, Delaney Council, Doug Kurz, Kimmy Fasani Benchetler, or Chris Benchetler. I can’t say where we would open up shop, maybe in other mountain towns, or maybe down by the beach. But we want it to be a family friendly owner operated business, not a chain.

What are your favorite mountains to ride at?

Mammoth and Steamboat

Anything else you want to add?
Of course, please go like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/mimiscookiebar) and check out the website, we will be adding a Holiday Cookies page in the next few days, I’m working on it now! But, we did just update all our photos, check them out at www.mimiscookiebar.com. But I would really like to thank everyone that has helped us with the website, the bakery, everything: Delaney Council, Doug Kurz, Kimmy Fasani Benchetler, Chris Benchetler, and my dad, Matt Kurz. There’s a larger list, I’m sure you know who you are. And thanks to everyone who has ordered cookies and visited the bakery!