Ms. Superpark 6 At Snow Summit: Day 2 Video

Desiree Melancon. Photo: Espen Lystad,

Oh, well I guess Southern California did decide to put off spring conditions for a little bit longer, way to follow suit. The snow arrived at Snow Summit during Day 2 of Ms. Superpark and while this might send you straight to the lodge bar for a cocktail, no one would expect these ladies to back away from a little snow storm…they booze after they get the shot. The girls continued to session features like the massive step down, pole jizzle to wall ride, and the down rail they all know and kill.

Creep on the video and the freakishly rad riding from Snowboarder Mag HERE. I give it two thumbs up.

Editors Note: I seriously and honestly tried to embed the video in THIS blog so the reader wouldn’t have to do work and “click on a link” BUT it was not agreeing with me and kept disappearing. Sorry folks, you’re going to have to work out your clicking fingers today.