NASCAR star Jeff Gordon wishes he were Shaun White

jeff gordon

If you could be an athlete in a different sport, who would you be?

That question, or one quite similar, was asked of NASCAR star Jeff Gordon on a visit to an elementary school in California last week, and he apparently was quick with an answer: Shaun White.

Gordon told the children he wishes he could be as skilled on a skateboard or snowboard as White, according to the Sporting News.

“Flying through the air on a skateboard or a snowboard is something I think would be pretty awesome to do,” Gordon said. “He’s won gold medals, X-Games, and I’ve met Shaun, and he is a great kid too…

“Growing up as a kid, I used to ride a skateboard. Tony Hawk is a guy that I always idolized, but I was never really on a half-pipe and things.

“Shaun is kind of the ultimate when you think of it now.”

Well, Gordon has some pretty good skills himself, particularly when it comes to putting the pedal to the metal, he being a four-time Sprint Cup champion and all. Which is what he probably ought to continue concentrating on, since, as Bleacher Report points out, he is currently 15th in the points standings.