NEFF Presents: SuckerFace Challenge

Leave it to NEFF Headwear to present a holiday contest that involves Kool-aid. Yes, that’s right, your favorite headwear brand is giving you the chance to win loads of free gear for tapping a video of you slamming packs of Kool-Aid and making the best SuckerFace.

Watch the video below for all the details.

**SuckerFace Challenge** Every Monday until 2012 NEFF will be launching a new contest on Facebook brought to you by Mr. Neff. Take a video of you and your friends competing in a SuckerFace Challenge. We are looking for the most creative way to cram packs of Kool-Aid in your mouth and make a SuckerFace. Submit the videos to

Meet Mr. Neff, if you dare.

Excuse us, we’ve got to go stack up on packs and packs of Kool-Aid for this awesome contest. OH YEAH!