New movie tells true story of snowboarder surviving in backcountry for 8 days; video

Back in the late winter of 2004, snowboarder and Olympic hockey player Eric LeMarque embarked on a day of riding at Mammoth Mountain. Towards the end of his day he climbed Dragon’s Back and headed into mostly untracked snow to make his way back toward the resort.

Except it didn’t turn out to be so good of a decision for LeMarque. He ended up getting lost and spending eight days in the freezing wilderness with only a bag of soggy matches, a dead cell phone, his snowboard and an MP3 player on him. His exceptional tale of survival is being told in a new movie starring Josh Hartnett entitled “6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain.”

LeMarque initially didn’t see it as a life-or-death situation; as he told the Los Angeles Times, “I wasn’t scared until the last day. It was like an adventure to me.”

Facing coyotes, temperatures below freezing, snowstorms, no food, no ability to create fire and warm up and an endless list of perils, LeMarque’s survival is truly remarkable. He did pay for it with the loss of his legs, but he was eventually rescued and still loves the mountains.

While Hollywood often finds it difficult to accurately portray snowboarding, surfing and skating in feature films, a true story like this is surely worth telling on the big screen. As the fine folks over at TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING asked, “Who plays Josh Harntett's stunt double?”

“6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain” hits theaters on Oct. 12.

Josh Hartnett in “6 Below.”

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