Nike’s Winter Chosen crew video contest is live! It’s time to rally your posse.

If you find joy in even muttering the word “December” then today is one of celebration for you. And just in case your riding posse isn’t already celebrating, Nike’s providing a little kick-in-the-pants inspiration to get your winter party started with the launch of The Chosen Crew Video Contest aimed specifically at snowboarders.

The contest runs from December through April 1st, when winning crew will be announced from Austria, which is where you and your entire crew could be if, between now and February 15, you can demonstrate enough style, flair, talent that brotherly (or sisterly) bond that makes any good riding crew complete via your photo and video submissions.

If you’re not already familiar with the contest it works like this: You come up with a name for your crew of between 2 and 4 people and sign up at the Nike Chosen page. Once registered you have until February 15 to build your case for being Chosen.

Building your case involves loading photos and videos of your crew and getting those images “Noticed”. The more creative you are in demonstrating your crew’s style, ethos, and lifestyle execution, the more hype you’ll generate via the Facebook likes on your Crew page. You may even get “Noticed” by the very same Nike athletes who will be doing the ultimate choosing for The Chosen.

The Chosen is a global contest, with crews from around the world competing. On February 17th winners from each participating country/region will be announced. Round Two will be to determine which of those winners makes it into the Top 3, earning a trip to Austria to compete in the finals. Round Two voting runs from February 21 to March 10.

The Chosen Session finals take place in Austria from March 26 – 30. Crews will have four days to shoot and edit a new submission that will be judged by Nike team riders like Scotty Lago and Danny Kass. The winning crew will be announced on April 1. They’ll be receiving a ton of Nike garb, some cash, and the opportunity to travel more and live like the Nike pros.

Having watched the Summer Chosen unfold there are a few keys to success, none more important than to know and understand the Essentials. Use the proper pre-approved music tracks for your videos and be sure you’re following all of the eligibility rules. Make sure each of your crew members is eligible.

From the Rules Page:
This Contest is open only to individuals who are eighteen (18) through twenty-nine (29) years old at the time of entry and who did not purchase any equipment for the purposes of entering this Contest. Only Snowboard Crews from the below countries can participate. What is a Crew? You and at least one (1) other person, with a maximum of up to four (4) people total, are considered a Crew. One individual alone does not qualify as a Crew. Crews and Crew members may also be referred to as entrants.

North America is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada, with the exception of Quebec.

We’ll be providing more insights and tips on how to succeed and find your way to Europe.