Oakley Progression Sessions 2011: Loon Mountain Preview

Whose ready to get Loony with Oakley? The first stop of the 2011 Oakley Progression Sessions (OPS) is coming up quick and is about to take over Loon Mountain – New Hampshire’s terrain park haven.

Kicking off on the East Coast March 5th, the first session will be coached by Mary Walsh alongside Grete Eliassen, Chanelle Sladics, and Silvia Mittermuller. Want the low down on all the coaches? Click here. Last year’s “Droppin In” was the initial spark for the Oakley Progression Sessions at Loon and will be stepping it up a notch in 2011.

With Loon’s parks and pipes being ranked a Top 5 in the East as well as being recognized as one of the best places to go freeskiing on the East Coast; this shred camp will be the perfect place to start charging the terrain and stepping up your skills. Loon is sporting 6 parks, 2 pipes and over 50 jibs – guaranteeing something for everyone involved. Their park staff is committed to keeping their set ups prime; along with their latest natural park. Loon also has a full stocked team representing their mountain including Mike Ravelson, Mary Rand, Nick Esposito, and Tanner McCarthy. Check out the full roster here.

Everyone wants a mountain that looks out for their safety, right? Loon Mountain makes the extra effort to educate all their riders with the “PEEPs” program. The “Park Etiquette and Eduation Program” is a free presentation that aims to make sure their park users know what the heck they’re doing before they drop in to a feature, jump, or halfpipe. Once completed, PEEPs members receive a PEEPs pass and can win gear and prizes from their sponsors, cash off event registration, PEEPs appreciation day and more.

This first event is looking all-time at Loon. New Hampshire better watch out for the ladies that are showing face up there. With the coaching of the featured pro riders, the girls are sure to be hucking in no time.

Didn’t register in time for Loon? Don’t get your first layers in a twist – there are three more amazing mountains that the Oakley Progression Sessions will make stops at. REGISTER NOW.