Olympic halfpipe venue is shaping up to standards

There’s finally good news coming from Cypress Mountain, home of next week’s Olympic snowboard and freestyle skiing competitions. Signs of actual functioning venues are finally beginning to appear after officials have been working tirelessly to prepare the site for Friday’s Opening Ceremony.

The low altitude venue (2,985 feet) has been mired in slushy turmoil by unseasonably warm weather, creating massive headaches for construction crews. Plans X, Y, and Z have been put into play in order to keep the venue’s Olympic dreams alive.

While nearby Whistler is enjoying a huge base of snow, the base at Cypress had to be filled by straw. Many of the course features required straw-augmentation surgery to be made whole. But once covered in snow shipped in by truck and helicopter, it’s almost impossible to tell these runs are enhanced, save for the fact that there’s little snow anywhere else.

Arena Snowparks, responsible for constructing the halfpipe, released a photo Sunday of the venue looking very close to ready. This was a welcome sign of relief for many. Just last week the entire site was nothing but bails of hay. In a statement on their website Arena Snowparks said the pipe is “shaping up and is nearly finished.”