Ugandan snowboarder hopes to become first to represent his country in the Olympics

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“Far From Home” is the story of snowboarder Brolin Mawejje, who is currently hoping to represent Uganda as its first winter Olympic snowboarder in history at the 2018 Olympics. Born in Uganda, Mawejje moved to the United States in 2004, and now, nearly a decade later, Mawejje is living in Salt Lake City, snowboarding, and studying towards his doctorate in neuro-oncology at Westminster College.

The film focuses on Mawejje’s upbringing in Uganda and subsequent immigration to the U.S. When he arrived at the age of 12, he barely spoke English and felt alone, but snowboarding turned his feelings of isolation and abandonment around, according to the documentary teaser above.

Produced and directed by a few of Mawejje’s friends, the film is almost complete. The group is trying to raise funds to journey back to Uganda with Mawejje to see his father, whom he hasn’t seen or spoken to in more than eight years. To help support the film's Kickstarter goal of $21,500 click here to buy in.