Olympic Snow Bunnies!

Lindsey Vonn (photo: Sports Illustrated)

Great news for environmentalists, conservationists, and animals lovers everywhere! The Snow Bunnies are alive and well!!! After reports that recent severe weather had depleted their population, I am pleased to provide photographic evidence that the Snow Bunnies are indeed back on the mountains, and seemingly in great shape! These photos are of the North American Olympic Snow Bunny, a rare breed which represent the top of the food chain of this remarkable species..

Just kidding. Here are Lindsey Vonn, Hannah Teter, Clair Bidez, and Lacy Schnoor getting naughty in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. See more here. giggity!

Hannah Teter (photo: Sports Illustrated)

Lacy Schnoor (photo: Sports Illustrated)

Claire Bidez (photo: Sports Illustrated)