Powder magazine’s John Stifter featured in first New York Times e-book

Image of the Cascades via Wiki Commons, Konrad Roeder

Powder magazine‘s editor-in-chief, John Stifter, is featured in a New York Times story that is making major waves in the journalism world. The story, “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek,” is an interactive e-book that is the first in the Times’ new e-book program, which is set to publish several interactive e-books next year.

“Snow Fall”–which documents a deadly avalanche that swept through Washington’s Cascades in February and that Stifter witnessed and survived–is making waves partly for its extraordinary reporting and elegant writing, but mostly because it has upped the ante in terms of what to expect from the digital journalism experience.

Click on the story here and you’ll find yourself staring at a fluid image of snow swirling on a mountain, with the sound of wind hissing in your ear. Scroll down, and you can begin to read the story, written by John Branch, that brilliantly paints the harrowing avalanche for readers and includes video interviews, moving weather maps, a moving image that takes viewers on a ride, helicopter-like, through the Cascades, and many (many) other interactive features. (Stifter talks about the tragedy here.)

Well, if “print is dead” as the cynics say, this isn’t a bad alternative.