Pro snowboarder Max Parrot lands world’s first double backside rodeo 1440

The snowboarding and freeskiing worlds have been all about the triple and quad corks the last few years. But snowboarder Max Parrot is thinking things need to go in a different direction: progressing some other tricks.

Parrot, a young 22-year-old Canadian who has thrown plenty of world first’s in the X Games, just landed the world’s first double backside rodeo 1440.

His thoughts on it: “I’ve been thinking about this trick for a while and to be honest, I never thought I would do it this early in my snowboarding career! I am really stoked to be pushing the sport in the double boundaries. For many years, what we only saw was new triples and quads. Here’s a new double folks!”

Max Parrot nailing the world's first double backside rodeo 1440.

Max Parrot nailing the world’s first double backside rodeo 1440.


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