Roger Strong relives avalanche and rehabilitation in short film

Standing in the very spot where a year earlier he had survived an avalanche in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, backcountry skier Roger Strong reflected on that tragic day in amazement. “How I didn’t break my neck and my body in half here is beyond me,” he says. “Wow.”

Arc’Teryx’s riveting video called “Strong” delves into what Strong went through–not only the avalanche itself, but his rehabilitation and determination to return to what he loves: backcountry skiing. Watch the seven-minute video posted last month and brought to our attention by Powder magazine on Wednesday:

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Strong from ARC’TERYX on Vimeo.

Strong and two friends were swept hundreds of feet through steep trees. Strong suffered serious injuries, but he was alive, as were his friends.

“The last thing I remember is putting my AvaLung in my mouth and looking at Drew thinking that this is it, I’m dead…

“There’s about 14 seconds that just–man–I was swimming with my right arm, I was going headfirst through the trees. I get flipped up once in a while, but then the snow is coming over my head. I’m starting to maintain control and all of a sudden I’m over to the left, almost out of it, and then it all stops.”

Powerful story, and remarkably produced by the filmmakers.