Russian snowboarder crashes into sheep, goes viral; video

While the mountains are a wonderful place to pursue your passion for outdoor sports, they certainly come with inherent risk.

On top of the obvious possibility that you fall and take a tumble down a mountainside, one must not forget that the mountains also play home to various wildlife that may pose their own hazards.

In the past year alone we’ve witnessed an angry moose charge snowboarders and a mountain biker get tossed from his bike after riding full speed into a black bear.

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But a new viral video out of Russia shows that a somewhat unexpected animal can also pose a threat to the safety of mountain enthusiasts: Sheep.

As reported by, that video comes from the ski resort of Arkhyz in the southern part of Russia.

It was uploaded to YouTube by Kirill Shevchenko recently and has since gone viral, accruing over 977,000 views.

While Shevchenko provides almost no context of the incident in the video’s description, as you can see, both the snowboarder and the sheep walked away in one piece, with the rider simply laughing off the collision.