Sagepalooza in Mammoth

As much as we don’t like to admit it, sometimes snowboard edits can be a bit dull. Sure, big name riders are throwing down big time tricks, but watching banger after banger can only be interesting for so long. The revolving rut in shred edits prompted Sage Kotsenburg and Nike 6.0 to take charge and spice things up with Sagepalooza.

The first episode blasted onto to the internet with a fresh and alluring look into professional shredding. Sage was given the reins to do as he pleased so he invited his favorite crew for some serious spring shredding at Mammoth Mountain. With his homies in tow, Sage stomps some sick tricks throughout the entire edit. From steezy, mellow runs through Mammoth’s main park to massive hits on the kickers, Sagepalooza has it all. We even get a glimpse at Sage attempting a triple cork 1260… Let’s just say, that’s some scary shit….