Scary runaway snowmobile scatters crowd at X Games Aspen

Jackson Strong, reported to have had only four hours on a snowmobile, attempted a trick called “The Jack” that went horribly wrong during snowmobile best trick Sunday night at X Games Aspen.

The Australian attempted a back flip release move off the sled, lost control, and fell hard to the snow after aborting his recovery. Unfortunately, the snowmobile landed with the throttle stuck wide open. After rolling upright, the out-of-control sled then nearly ran over Strong before zooming across the course, through a flimsy fence and into a scattering crowd of spectators. Watch the harrowing scene (the start of the jump is around the 1:10 mark):

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ESPN reported on-air that the X Games Medical team was attending to a young male fan and was putting him on a stretcher. Later, X Games Medical reported that the spectator’s right knee was evaluated and he was released. The spectator’s father told ESPN that his son was not hit by the snowmobile, but that he was injured while trying to avoid it. The extent of the injury remained unclear.

Strong attempted the trick again on his second run only to fall off the sled on the landing, after which he began punching the sled’s track.

Daniel Bodin of Sweden wound up with the gold medal in the event, Joe Parsons of Yakima, Washington, took silver, and Heath Frisby of Middleton, Idaho, got bronze.

Photo and video of Jackson Strong courtesy of ESPN

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