Shaun White a surprise dream date for teen at senior prom

Shaun White surprises at prom

Carly Monzo cannot believe her dream date, Shaun White, showed up for her prom. Photo courtesy Carly Monzo

Carly Monzo might still be wondering whether she had merely been dreaming.

The senior at Mount St. Joseph Academy, an all-girls school in Philadelphia, had sent a video asking snowboarding star Shaun White to be her date at last week’s senior prom (video posted below).

But was there even the slightest chance that White, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and a budding rock musician, would even see the video, much less accept?

It turned out that White was so impressed by the request that he brought his entire band and surprised one of his biggest fans with a jam session and, at the end of the night, a kiss on the cheek.

"I had no idea!" Monzo told the Huffington Post, explaining that the administration knew about White's impending arrival, but kept it a secret until the prom was underway.

"Our dean of students called my name and the first thing that ran through my mind was, 'What did I do?' Honestly, how could I have done something so bad they had to address the entire prom? I walked up to the front and they dropped the curtains and his band started jamming."

 Shaun White surprises at prom

Shaun White tweeted this photo of him enjoying a fun moment with Carly Monzo at her senior prom.

White plays guitar for the band Bad Things, and his role in the group has supersized the crush Monzo has had on White for years.

"Not only do I love him, his band is awesome," Monzo told the Times Herald. "They rock. I've been listening to their CD on replay for probably four months."

The video Monzo and her friends sent White was cleverly produced.

He had never been to a prom, but her friends jokingly say that it could never work between them. She's a star basketball player and White has stated publicly that basketball is the one sport "I'm terrible at."

But they get past that, and the invitation is fashioned in the form of a poem, which begins with an introduction:

"Roses are red, violets are blue, My name is Carly Monzo, but I'm sure you had no clue."

Portions of the poem, written on notebook paper, appear in the video to the tune of music from Bad Things.

"May 2nd is the night of my senior prom, if you happen to be in Philly, that'd be the bomb," the poem continues. "You might be famous for snowboarding, Stride, & more, but can you keep up on the dance floor?

“I have a six-foot rule, & I know you're 5' 9" but I can overlook that 'cuz DAMN you're FINE!"

Monzo and friends won White over, in part, through persistence; they relentlessly tweeted the invite to the personable athlete.

(Of course it helped that the video was recorded with a GoPro camera, given that White is sponsored by GoPro.)

When the curtain dropped and White and his bandmates were front and center, Monzo was stunned and nervous. "All of my friends were crying for me and I was like, 'Carly, don't lose it,'" she told the Times Herald.

If there's a sad aspect to this story, it's that Monzo's original prom date was overshadowed by the presence of White and his band. But apparently he understood and was among the many who were posting photos via social media.

After the band played, White hung out with Monzo long enough for her friends to chant, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

White kissed Monzo on the cheek, and she later recalled to the Huffington Post, "It was so amazing. I can't even describe it to you."

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