Shorts and Shades Returns…Again

The crew behind the ridiculous and amazing idea of Shorts and Shades is back at it again. This group of friends gives “getting awesome” a whole new meaning with their trademark shredding all year long in shorts and sunnies. Whether it’s dumping snow, plagued with high speed winds, or sunny and warm, you can always spot this pack of riders as they take over Mt. Bachelor — one pow-slash, frontflip, and yard sale at a time.

They’ve released the fifth annual edit of Shorts and Shades, capping off the unpredictable 2012 season. Watch as they hit every obstacle in sight, go big, and mostly flail all over the mountain, reminding us that snowboarding is all about having a good time and causing a scene once in a while.

Featuring the ripping of: Lucas Wachs, Max Warbington, Spencer Schubert, Ben Bilodeau, Gus Warbington, Logan Beaulieu, Jake Hjortland, Jacob Krugmire, Cole Ortega, Conner Turney, Alex Ing, Jake Selover, Kent Callister, Peter Jacobson, Jackson Ward, Will Dennis, Toby Witte, and many more.

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