Skier’s fall down tall, rocky cliff captured by helmet video camera

A skier’s recent fall from a towering, rocky cliff was captured, in a unique perspective, by the helmet camera he wore as he stepped into his skis and inadvertently slid off the ledge (see the video and pay close attention to the 57-second mark). Stefan Ager, suddenly an Internet sensation, had scaled a peak with friends at Stubai Glacier, a resort area in Tyrol, Austria.

His camera was rolling. He even shot footage of himself — he’s in the blue sweater — before strapping the camera to his head to prepare for his run.

Ager, however, was not able to enjoy his run as much as thousands of YouTube viewers have enjoyed it, because as soon as he clicked into his skis the snow or rocks gave way and he tumbled uncontrollably for hundreds of feet down the rocky terrain.

Remarkably, Ager did not slam hard into the many outcroppings and emerged essentially unscathed. He’s quoted in a Yahoo Eurosport story as saying, “I am sooooo lucky!”