Snowboard Stamp Unveiled at Grand Prix in Park City

These days, you may be more familiar with electronic mail (email) than good old snail mail. When was the last time you had 27 new letters in your physical mailbox? Probably never, but this could be a daily occurrence in your inbox.

That could all change now that there’s a new stamp on the market. The US Postal Service proudly unveiled the newest stamp to their collection, and it has a picture of a snowboarder on it.

Scotty Lago gets ready to pull the cord to unveil the new stamp.

This stamp was unveiled during the award ceremony at the Grand Prix in Park City Friday night. The U.S. Postal Service commemorates the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games by issuing this stamp.

What better way to showcase this stamp then to inlist the help of snowboarders? To introduce this awesome new postage competitors from Friday’s eventrevealedthe radical new 44 cent stamp.

The stamp was a big hit- just look how excited Greg Bretz looks.

Unveiling of stamps at snowboard events? Pretty interesting right? It is an Olympic year, so anything can happen!

Will you be mailing more letters now that you can send them with a snowboarder stamp???

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