Snowboarder, 13, becomes youngest to land difficult triple cork

For most aspiring young athletes, swatting a grand slam or catching a game-winning touchdown pass would be regarded as major accomplishments. But for snowboarder Marcus Kleveland, landing a triple cork is both a major achievement and an historic feat. The 13-year-old from Norway recently became the youngest athlete, by far, to stomp a trick that’s in the arsenal of only a handful of top-flight riders. (Video, posted below, was released Thursday.)

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Torstein Horgmo, 25, a fellow Norwegian and one of Kleveland’s heroes, unveiled a more difficult variation of the triple cork to win the big-air competition at the Winter X Games in January. (It was a switch-backside triple cork 1440, the first in a competition, and it earned Horgmo a perfect score of 50. Video is posted below.)

Mark McMorris, the X Games runner-up, landed a Cab 1440 triple cork (another variation) for a score of 48.

Kleveland didn’t win any medals for his remarkable effort on a jump in Vierli, Norway. But he opened more eyes among his older peers and served notice that the younger generation will have to be reckoned with at future competitions.

Said superpipe star Louie Vito: “I remember seeing [a video] edit of Marcus a couple of years ago and I had to ask my Norwegian friends who this kid was… I’m stoked to see him progressing at such a fast rate but having fun doing it at the same time. I hope to see this kid around for years to come.”

Kleveland has been snowboarding since he was 3, and he began landing double corks routinely at 11. More recently he began to practice the triple on a trampoline, without any pressure from his parents or his sponsors.

“This is something I do for myself because I think it’s fun,” he said. “Nobody is pushing me to do this.”

For the sake of perspective, here’s Horgmo’s winning X Games run: