Danny Davis unleashes snowboarding’s innovative Peace Park

Professional snowboarder Danny Davis was sick of the standard slopestyle and halfpipe scenes in snowboarding—he craved something more. Two years ago Davis decided to satisfy that craving, creating an invite-only session on one of the most progressive features built on snow: The Peace Pipe. The Peace Pipe was essentially a halfpipe on steroids, chock full of rails, added jump features, bonks, and even a massive bonfire.

The event went huge, and was so revered by riders that Davis knew he had to bring it back. With the Peace Pipe under his belt, Davis wanted to go bigger this past season, giving birth to the Peace Park—an innovative terrain park with unlimited potential. Davis again called on his creative fellow riders to attack the setup, and a handful of riders converged on Squaw Valley Resort in Lake Tahoe, California, to do just that.

Though a full 22-minute video won't be released until this Sunday on NBC, the crew recently released five minutes of footage from the epic session for our shredding pleasure. We connected with Davis to hear more about what went into the legendary Peace Park, and here's what he had to say.

The mastermind behind the Peace Park, Mr. Danny Davis; screenshot taken from video

The mastermind behind the Peace Park, Mr. Danny Davis; screenshot taken from video

You did the Peace Pipe two years ago—why did the idea have to come back, and why did it come back as the Peace Park last year?
Well, we learned a lot at Peace Pipe. What worked, what didn’t, and what could be done a little better. It came back as Peace Park, because we wanted to change from the standard halfpipe shape and make it more of a skatepark—more lines, more combinations of different features, less of the standard back and fourth of a halfpipe.

What was your favorite feature in the new Peace Park?
Just how many hips there were. Such a forgotten feature in slopestyle and halfpipe these days. They are so fun to go big on and gain some speed for the next feature. The hips were all-time, and everyone killed it on them.

Peace Park

Just hanging out at the most innovative terrain park of all time, the Peace Park; screenshot taken from video

Honestly the park seems like a really complicated puzzle. How the heck did you guys pull this off?
Well, that is all thanks to Snow Park Technologies. We (me, Burton, Mountain Dew, and the rest of the riders) just come up with ideas, SPT makes it happen.

Did you run into any unexpected difficulties while constructing the Peace Park? If, so, can you explain?
I think that SPT does [runs into difficulties] always. Weather, cats breaking, no sleep, and snow melting at incredible rates are always constant battles.

Is this gathering going to continue? What can we expect this year?
Absolutely—just expect it to be bigger and better than ever.

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