Snowboarder Helen Schettini’s routine for winter health

Snowboarder Helen Schettini; photo courtesy of Helen Schettini

Snowboarder Helen Schettini; photo courtesy of Helen Schettini

If Helen Schettini, 28, isn't on your radar yet, she'll be making blips there soon--she was recently named one of TransWorld Snowboarding's Riders to Watch, appeared in the snowboarding film “YES. It's a Movie, Too, and landed a coveted spot on the Billabong women's snow team. She's got a reputation for being a fierce backcountry boarder, which is really quite an impressive feat considering she got her first sled at age 21. These days Schettini's plowing more than just powder: press trips, interviews, and photo shoots keep her busy but never slow her down--we caught up with her to learn about the routine that keeps her in optimal health.

How do you start your day?

A hot tea like Bengal Spice herbal tea, and usually has some eggs for breakfast, too.

What is the last thing you eat every day?

I'm a fruit monger. The oranges these days are on point!

When you feel sluggish or tired what do you do to feel better?

Exercise. It wakes you up and gets your endorphins going. This is a great way to make you feel good--mind, body, and soul.

What is your favorite form of outdoor exercise?

Snowboarding, of course. But after that or in the off-season it would be running. I love getting out into the trails and being alone with my mind and my music.

When do you prefer to work out?

I have to workout in the morning. I have a weird thing about that. I have so much trouble working out after I've started my day.

What is your guilty pleasure?

In regards to food, my healthy indulgence is granola--it's actually not even that good for you because it has a lot of sugar in it. But I love it!

Do you take any supplements?

Herbal supplements from my naturopath. I won’t even get started with names but they help for stress, sleep, and a healthy mind.

What have you discovered that's changed the way you take care of yourself?

I'm a huge advocate of chia seeds. I usually take them in my water; I have found that it really keeps my stomach in check since I get stomachaches pretty regularly.

What's one health craze you can't stand?

I just hate how things become such a fad, like CrossFit, for example. It's a form of circuit training and it works really well, but it's almost a cult in that people are so headstrong about it, dissing other forms of training. It's good to be open to other people’s training choices. The same goes for food. I find that a magazine or a TV show sells a certain product and then the masses go crazy over it, like kale. Kale is amazing for you but it annoys me how people can't stop talking about it.

What is your favorite piece of advice for staying healthy?

It's easy to keep constant for physical health, but we never think about our mental health. I got really stressed out last season, so I needed to take the time to mellow my head. Yoga and rest really helped me. I think it's a major aspect for athletes that we don't take into account. But my favorite go-to healthy advice would be cooking at home. Eating out is tough on your wallet and your health. I like seeing what goes into my food to ensure the right ingredients are in it.

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