Snowboarder’s Superpark 15 Day 1: Finding the Sweet Spot

The time to hold back is over. When SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s Superpark presented by Gatorade arrives, it’s time to lay it all out. It’s the end of the season – muscles are warm, tricks are on lock, nerves are an after thought. This is the time for riders to show what is buried at the bottom of their bag of tricks and to get motivated to push the boundaries of what they’ve been jonesing to do but haven’t had the opportunity to. Frankly, for these 300 invited pros, that day has come; the day to become fearless, to go bigger and burlier, and to set out to blow minds. This is pretty much the reason Superpark exists and also why there are endless amounts of filmers and photographers to capture every one these jaw dropping moments.

The 2011 Superpark 15 kicked off Monday at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon with a build team that might be more stacked than their rider list. Consisting of one team is Jason George of Copper, Eric Rosenwald of Boreal, and Corey Tredkin of Killington. The Seven Springs group is led by Joel Rerko and the High Cascade staff is loaded with Cory McDonald, Pat Malendoski, and James Jackson. The local Bachelor park crew is headed by Hames Ellerbe.

After two weeks of pure muscle – the set up is pushed, pristine, and virtually dreamlike. Seriously, this is the shit snowboarder’s dream about. To be specific: 4 hips, 5 sixty to eighty foot jumps, a 24-foot-tall and 32-foot-wide street wall, 2 multi option jib cubes, a two-and-a-half story quarterpipe, cat track step down gap, multiple trunk to trunk transfers and dozens of other terrain options at the fingertips of every rider.

Day one of Superpark is based upon one thought: Finding the sweet spot. No matter how much the riders might have the natural urge to go balls to the wall after seeing the illusory and untouched set-up; finding their own rhythm, speed, and lines are what will provide for the mental riding that Superpark habitually bears witness to. Perfecting the drop in, getting the feel for the transitions, and tweaking tricks provide for fluid and freakishly good riding.

The Seven Springs hip seemed to be the hot spot of the day, with guys boosting and reveling in the lofty hang time that came with it. Tom Monterosso from SNOWBOARDER was on the hill and claimed the standouts to be Aaron Robinson, Jordan Phillips, Kyle Lopiccolo, Parker Duke, Curis Woodman, Ben Rice, Chelone Miller, Bode Merrill and Trevor Jacob. Above all those names, however, was the one-footer wonder and Arbor team rider, Scotty Vine. This guy should never strap his back foot in – he’ll always get a featured shot because let’s be honest, a trick with one leg free of the board is usually more impressive and Scotty seems even more at ease when he’s charging one-footed. Word is Mr. Vine stomped a one-footed frontside 360 over the hip – and it’s only day one.

With the session that went down on day one of Superpark 15 one can only imagine how quickly things will escalate as this event goes on. Check back for further coverage.

For visual proof of Day 1 – WATCH THE VIDEO

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Photo: rider Scotty Vine, E-Stone