Snowboarder’s Superpark 15 Day 2: Boosting ’til the sun goes down

Waking up to pure blue skies and not a cloud around is always a mood lifter. Add a perfectly groomed, progressive, private park set up with the Oregon landscape as your backdrop and we’re talking a damn sweet situation. Day two of SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s Superpark 15 presented by Gatorade was just that. Damn sweet. Well, maybe a little better than sweet.

The hundreds of pro riders that traveled to Mt. Bachelor for Superpark awoke on the second day to ideal weather, amped and anxious for another chance to session the massive set up. With the conditions on their side, the photogs and filmers were just as fueled to get out on the hill and start shooting.

It seemed as if some of these guys had downed a few 5-hour energy drinks; endless laps, tons of energy, and not a hint of letting up all day – the guys were shredding until the sun went down, that or until the photographers had passed out from exhaustion on one of the landings. The High Cascade jump was hogging a lot of the action on Tuesday. Chelone Miller seems to have the hots for that thing and was providing for some prime footage as the sun set. The hip was also been a crowd favorite on Day 2 as well as Day 1.

The options at Superpark are always overwhelming with concoctions of jibs you never though imaginable, takeoffs that shoot you so high you’re positive you’re landing in the parking lot, and creativity that allows for the most innovative riding you’ve ever seen.

Speaking of creativity, the riders were tapping a keg throughout the day, although stayed surprisingly sober. With a keg mounted on a metal pole – this is one feature you better be ready for. Bode Merrill scored some major camera time on that thing. We’re pretty sure Scotty Vine was still only strapped in with one foot and hitting everything that way which these days, is completely standard for him.

From the enormous wall ride to handrails to gaps to step downs – the riders killed it all. There was never a dull moment on Day 2, but hell, there never is when you’re at this event. Time to get ready for Day 3.




Photo: Rider Chelone Miller, Huggy