Snowboarder’s Superpark 15 Day 4: This ain’t kid stuff

No amateur hour here folks. Day four of Snowboarder’s Superpark 15 presented by Gatorade was pure annihilation. The riders charged every feature with no hesitation – pushing the limits one drop in at a time. After a rainy day three – the skies cleared up for an epic fourth day at Bachelor.

If the park set up is what snowboarder’s dream about – the snowboarding that went down is what filmers and photographers dream of. Once again, Scotty Vine was flying all over the place with one foot strapped in. By flying, we mean throwing 720’s…and stomping them. Ridiculous inverts were happening on the wallride – Scotty Blum got his hand on the coping and pretty much made every spectator pee their pants.

With the sun setting in the background, the boys got after the hip and High Cascade jump. One could feel the vibe of the day from miles away; the riders were having a blast and also getting some inconceivable snowboarding done.

Would we expect any less at Superpark though? This event breeds banger snowboarding and each year the possibilities seem even more endless than they did the year before and it’s not even over yet. So unless all the riders combust due to too much mind blowing snowboarding, check back in for further coverage.