Snowboarder Wesley Muresan, 3, is sport’s newest sensation

Shaun White was such a prolific snowboarder as a child that his friends dubbed him “Future Boy,” and the high-flying red-head from Carlsbad, Calif., went on to become a two-time Olympic halfpipe gold medalist and the sport’s greatest superstar.

Shaun White, make room for Wesley Muresan.

The new Future Boy, hailing from Dubuque, Iowa, is only 3 years old. He stands just 3 feet tall and weighs a mere 34 pounds. But Muresan is turning heads by hopping rails and spinning tricks like a much older veteran and, in fact, he recently finished second in his first-ever competition–for 9-year-olds.

Afterward, wearing a golden dollar-sign around his neck, he informed his admirers that he was strolling to the bar “to buy two kiddie cocktails” for himself and his brother.

Like White, the kid has trouble keeping a low profile. He has thousands of Facebook fans; his YouTube videos have gone viral, and he recently appeared on such major networks as NBC, CBS and CNN.

Even U.S. Snowboarding, which produces Olympics-caliber stars, refers to him as a prodigy in a feature story and video posted Tuesday. In the video, in his 3-year-old voice (or, as he’d say, woice), Mureson boasts, “I go really fast, like Superman” (only it comes out, “Fuperman”).

Muresan is so prolific that his parents this past winter took him to Colorado, away from Iowa’s flatness, and into some real snowboarding terrain. He rode over moguls and inside bowls; he nailed a 180-degree spin off a rail and performed an alley-oop in the halfpipe.

“It’s really amazing how much more he could progress with the more challenging terrain found in Colorado,” Danelle, his mom, told U.S. Snowboarding.

What Muresan would like more than anything, though, is to ride with White in the star’s secret halfpipe, after taking a helicopter ride to get there.

So Future Boy II shares something else in common with White: He likes to dream big.