Snowboarders take over empty waterpark

What could be better than a waterpark without crowds?

A waterpark without crowds and covered in snow, at least for snowboarders Toby Miller and brothers Red and Brendan Gerard.

Red Bull released a video today of the three snowboarders shredding an empty water park in Vernon, New Jersey.

They made Action Park at Mountain Creek their personal snowboard haven, called Snowmusement, snowboarding down waterslides and hucking off cliffs into the food court, according to TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING.

They creatively take advantage of a giant funnel that people normally ride down in inner tubes.

Instead, these guys jump off a booter into it, getting some pretty cool footage in the process.


Toby Miller disappears into the funnel in Action Park. Photo: Courtesy of Red Bull/Aaron Blatt

Considering two of the teens (Red and Miller) aren’t even of legal driving age, it’s a pretty impressive accomplishment.

The guys took over the park last February.

Action Park is part of the Mountain Creek ski resort, which stretches 5 miles and is also home to golf courses, a spa and a resort.

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